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Reward Yourself for Taking an Active Role in Your Health!

Learn how to earn up to $100 in incentives.

There will be info when you log into your account at

Did you know?

You can find the Primary Care Physician Form in the Achieve Section of the wellness platform.

Select Rewards > Activities.

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Health Net Wellness Rewards Program FAQs

What is the Health Net Wellness Rewards Program?

The Health Net Wellness Rewards Program is designed to reward qualified1 members who complete these actions:

Health Net Wellness Rewards Program Actions & Incentives
Action to earn incentiveIncentive amount
Take the online RealAge® test$50
Share the results with your PCP
or complete 3 health coaching calls
Complete two online Sharecare2 offerings$25

What do I need to do?

You can invest in your health in a few easy steps:

  1. Take the RealAge Test online and print out the Wellness Assessment Results.
  2. Schedule your yearly preventive care physical exam (yearly exam) with your primary care physician (PCP). Take a printout of your Wellness Assessment Results with you to your yearly exam to share with your PCP.
  3. Discuss your RealAge Test results with your PCP. Then, log back in to your online account at and complete the Primary Care Physician Form. Doing this confirms you shared your results with your PCP.
  4. Or participate in Sharecare’s online offerings around health coaching, smoking cessation, and/or health challenges.

What happens when you complete your required steps?

Health Net handles the reward. You will get an email from All Digital Rewards (ADR) that includes instructions on how to redeem your reward up to $100 (depending on the number of steps completed).

You should expect to receive your reward alert within 5-7 business days. Check your spam folder if you can't locate the email. You will have 30 days to claim your reward.

The Virtual Visa Reward can be used at any retailer that accepts Visa.

What is a RealAge Test?

The test is a tool that ask you questions about your lifestyle habits and medical history. Based on the answers, the RealAge Test will give you a snapshot of your current risk for health problems. You'll also get simple steps that you can take to help reduce your risk.

Why should I take a RealAge Test?

You will get customized advice, tools and programs you can use to help improve your health. Your RealAge Test summary report provides tips on how to improve your health.

If you're a candidate for wellness health coaching, you can enroll in our health coaching program. Expert coaching is given over the telephone. Health Net may reach out or you can self-enroll.

How do I access the Sharecare online offerings?

  1. Go to, and enter your user name and password.
  2. You will be prompted to take the RealAge Test after you sign up and can participate in the online programs and challenges.

What information do I need before I take the RealAge Test?

If possible, you will need a copy of your most recent blood pressure and lab results. The test will ask for your levels of:



Blood sugar

If you’ve had a health screening through a lab or doctor’s office within the last six months, you can use that information. It’s OK if you don’t know all the answers. You will be asked to complete the questions as best you can.

Can I still get the reward, if I’ve already had my yearly exam with my doctor?

Yes. You can complete the Primary Care Physician Form. You can then share your Wellness Assessment Results with your doctor at a follow-up visit.

Members who have not received their reward can call the Sharecare customer support center at 855-430-5272.

1 The reward program is open to any Health Net member age 18 and over who is enrolled in a participating plan listed. This includes enrolled employees, spouses, domestic partners, children ages 18 and over, COBRA beneficiaries, and employees on disability leave. The following groups/products are part of the incentive program: Full Network HMO, SmartCare HMO, Salud, HMO y Más, HMO ExcelCare, EOA & EOA ExcelCare, CanopyCare HMO, PPO plans (including OOS PPO), WholeCare HMO, CommunityCare HMO.

2 Complete the Eat Right Now; Craving to Quit tobacco cessation program; and/or participate in health challenges.