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Welvie - Powering Decisions

You don't need to be thinking about surgery right now to benefit from Welvie or to get a $25 gift card

In addition to your health plan benefits, you also have access to Welvie – a self-guided online program that offers suggestions on how to talk with your doctor about treatment options.

Less than half of patients say their health care provider asks them about their goals and preferences.1

And people may not know which questions to ask their doctor. It's important to have these conversations with your doctor to help determine what's best for you, ensuring you understand the benefits (and risks) of all your treatment options.2

While Welvie's focus is surgery, the lessons you'll learn in the program can be applied to any health issue that requires working with your doctor to understand treatment options.

Learn more. Earn more.

What's more, you'll receive a $25 gift card when you complete the first three steps of the Welvie My Surgery program and a short survey. And it's free to Health Net members.

Just go to the Welvie website. Then, select Register to get started.

A $25 Gift Card

is waiting for you

You'll get a $25 Amazon gift card for completing Steps 1-3 of the Welvie My Surgery program and a short survey.

Members are eligible for one gift card, per member, per 365 days.

Welvie Surgery Decision-Support Program

Meet Welvie

In addition to being part of a reliable Health Net health plan, you also have a knowledgeable friend to help you when a surgery may be in your future. Welvie, an online surgery decision program, will answer your questions, help you make decisions and guide you toward a positive outcome. With Welvie's help you might decide to have a less invasive treatment. But if surgery is the decision, Welvie helps you understand what to expect from pre-op preparations to recovery.

It pays to know Welvie

Health Net members, you and any covered family members can each receive a $25 gift card when you complete Steps 1 through 3 of the program and a brief survey. The gift card offer is available once a year (per 365 days).

Get started now!

Access the Welvie surgery decision support program today. Once on the Welvie website, just click the "Register" button to get started.

1 Alston, C, et al. (2014). Shared Decision-Making Strategies for Best Care: Patient Decision Aids. NAM Perspectives, National Academy of Medicine, Washington DC.

2 The information provided is not intended as a substitute for professional medical care. Please always follow your health care provider's instructions