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LAUSD employees and retirees

Health Net of California, Inc. (Health Net) helps individuals and families get the health care they need through every stage of their lives. We’re proud to provide plans designed to help you be your healthiest.

Teladoc – Telehealth Services

Teladoc – Telehealth Services

Enjoy access to Teladoc virtual visits just for being a Health Net member!



Experts in surgery decision, guidance and support.

Wellness Rewards Program

Wellness Rewards Program

Reward yourself for taking an active role in your health! Learn how to earn up to $100 in incentives by participating in different wellness programs and activities.

Find Social Services

Find Social Services

Find services like food, shelter, job training, legal assistance and more. We are proud to partner with findhelp, formerly known as Aunt Bertha, to help you find programs and services in your area.

Special Programs

Special Programs

Find resources designed to help you better manage your physical health or behavioral health condition – to become – and stay – mentally and physically healthy.

Healthy Baby

Healthy Baby

We have a program for pregnant and new parents. It is called Start Smart for Your Baby®


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Take Charge of Your Health

Change your mindset and begin your journey today! When you add healthy lifestyle habits into your daily routine, you'll feel better and healthier!

We know this is easier said than done. Which is why we give you plenty of options on how to get started. Do you want to lose weight, quit smoking or simply exercise more? Let us know your goal, and we'll partner with you to achieve it.

Steps to take for a healthier you

Choose a benefit or program that works for you! They come with our plans at no extra cost. Looking for the best way to reach your health goals? Get started with the RealAge Test®!

RealAge Test (health assessment) provides you with a personalized report of your behavioral and medical health risks. Immediately after taking the online RealAge Test, you will receive a personalized action plan. You'll receive a $50 gift card for taking the test and sharing the results with your doctor. Take the RealAge Test now!

Learn more about all of our Wellness programs

Access to MinuteClinics®

MinuteClinic is a convenient health care option for non-emergency illness and injuries, staffed by board certified nurse practitioners and physician assistants. You can find MinuteClinics inside select CVS Pharmacy® and Target stores. It's an ideal solution when you can't see your doctor and need non-emergency treatment.

Welcome to MinuteClinic – Quick Reference Guide (PDF)